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Term Stop Reticulation System for Termites Protection in Melbourne

Stop Term Termite Protection in Melbourne
Stop Term Termite Control

Term Stop is the Reticulation system we offer to our customers.
With the changes in the Australian Standards the reticulation System is an acceptable Part A and Part B treatment to Subfloor and slab.
Attached photos showing 6 Units Project in Doncaster East in Melbourne and how we installed the reticulation system in the garden area.

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Termite Protection to Construction Joint

Termite Protection to Construction Joint

Some slabs are concreted in 2 stages. Some termite protection specialists sometimes either ignore or forget about how important and high-risk area for termite infestation it can be. Construction Joint can be treated with a physical barrier as seen in the photo and before any timber framing is installed.

Best Termites Control provides pre-construction physical or chemical termites protection solutions in Melbourne.

Homeguard Blue Sheets Termite Protection Service

Physical Termites Protection
HomeGuard Blue Sheets

The following images shows the termite protection service provided by Best Termites Control in Melbourne by using Home Guard Blue Sheets.

Home Guard Blue sheets solution is a perfect subfloor termite protection barrier system complies with the Australian Standards 3660.1.

Part B Termites Chemical Barrier

Part B Termites Chemical Barrier Melbourne

Part B Termites Chemical Barrier is a very important stage of a complete termite treatment to any new building.

The most suitable time to apply the termite chemical barrier solution is after construction is completed fully and cleaned up, cutting or/and filling are all done and before concreting/paving or gardening to the perimeter of the building.

Pre-Construction Termite Protection Solution

Pre-Construction Termite Protection Termiflex

In the case when a Builder missed calling us on time before concreting, we have a very professional and acceptable HomeGuard solution for termite protection.

By chiseling around every penetrations and applying silicon like material name (Termiflex) produced by HomeGuard physical termite barrier manufacturer to solve this issue of termite protection.

This photo shows the end result and how the Termiflex temite solution seals the gapes around the pipe and closing any chance of entry point termites may have.

Termite expert expects record-breaking year

Termite Inspection Melbourne

This promises to be a record-breaking year for termites, according to an LSU Ag Center termite specialist. Gregg Henderson, urban entomology and termite specialist, said he documented 1,700 termites in one light trap on May 11 -- the most he has ever seen in his nearly 30 years of tracking termites. 

“No matter the area, the populations are growing”, he said. “The good news is there are good products that can kill them that we didn’t have in the past.” 

Flying Termites

Flying Termite

Flying Termites Means serious trouble:

  • You may already have an existing termite problem and/or a termite Nest
  • Your home may be at risk of potential termite infestation

So you have to act immediately and call Best Termites Control for Full Inspection.


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