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Builders: Pre-Construction Termite Protection

Renovating/extending or building a brand new home? Best Termites Control is qualified to install both physical and chemical Termite Prevention barriers for all foundations types, and project sizes both residential and commercial. 

Pre-Construction Termite Protection for new homes and buildings:

BTC Preconstruction Termites Control Solutions

Installing a pre-construction system is the sensible and most cost-effective way to prevent potential future termite infestations in your home.

A Physical Termite barrier Protection method or a Chemical termite barrier completed prior to full completion of the home will save you the need to chemically treat the house against termite infestation in future.

Best Termites Control is an accredited registered installer of HomeGuard Blue Termite Barrier and listed on the HomeGuard website as the professional termite protection service provider in Victoria and Melbourne.

We also install Greenzone and Kordon physical barriers.

Upon receiving your building plans, we will advise on the most suitable method and present you with a thorough quotation of the work your project requires. Our team involving individuals who have experience in both building and engineering, have a clear understanding of different structures and their requirements, putting us at an advantage and understanding the builder's needs and the surveyor's requirements on site.

During the early stages of construction, whether it be a concrete slab foundation, subfloor, suspended slab and other foundation types, pre-construction termite protection is installed in accordance with AS 3660.1 using approved termite barrier systems.

Part A & Part B treatment ( internal and external ) is designed to give full coverage to the building and seal off any potential entry points into the building for termites

Upon completion of installation, we provide a certificate of Compliance in accordance with  Australia Standard 3660.1-2014.

Termidor Termite Control Products:

Best Termites Control uses the best available termites control products for pre-construction termites protection or homes termites control. Best Termites Control is qualified to use and install Termidor products.

Termidor revolutionised termite control when it was launched onto the Australian market over 10 years ago. Since then, close to 200,000 satisfied homeowners have Termidor to thank for protecting their homes from termites. Termidor provides proven protection against all subterranean termite entry and will continue to control termites for at least 8 years throughout the entire country. For more details read this document.

Termite Protection Services for Builders


Best Termites Control is uniquely structured to service the needs of builders in Victoria and Melbourne.

We have a proven record of providing an outstanding, reliable and timely service. Our technicians are accredited and qualified to install both physical and chemical termite control barriers including Biflex Aqua Max and HomeGuard.

Part A & Part B can be either a physical or chemical treatment before concreting is done. The HomeGuard system repels, kills and blocks foraging subterranean termites and provides an ongoing protective barrier to the property.

We provide builders with the Certificate of Installation for Termites Protection Systems in Melbourne in accordance with AS 3660.1-2000 for new constructions.

Term Stop is the Reticulation System that Best Termites Control offers in Melbourne. With the changes in the Australian Standards the Reticulation System is an acceptable Part A and Part B treatment to Subfloor and slab.

Best Termites Control uses only the best quality termite control products. All our chemical treatments are approved under Australian Standards so you can be confident of safe and high-quality service. On your request we can provide you with safety data sheets relating to any of the products we use in our day to day operations including termite treatment, thereby negating any occupational, health and safety queries which may arise.

Reticulation System for Termite Protection


Termite Reticulation is a low-pressure termite protection system designed to distribute pesticides around the base of buildings to form a termite barrier in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3660.1.

Best Termites Control offers Term Stop Termite Reticulation system. With the changes in the Australian Standards, the reticulation System is an acceptable Part A and Part B treatment to Subfloor and slab.

This system is suitable for termite protection for both pre and post-construction and existing buildings and homes. It is a replenishable Termite Management System that is quickly and easily installed, pumped up and recharged at a later date by one of the Best Termites Control professional technicians. Termite Reticulation System targets termites specifically at their point of entry and helps to protect homes and buildings from termites.