Termites Protection in Glen Waverley

Termites Inspection GlenWaverley

Last Friday I was called by a customer in Glen Waverley for urgent termite inspection to a house that owner noticed that the floor in the master bed room is lose and getting worst near the extension on the fence line, were the roof leaking water through the walls.

After I inspected the house for termites, it was found and confirmed that the house is infested with termites and needs to be addressed urgently. I submitted the termites treatment proposal and the customer accepted it. We have agreed that the customer will provide cutting the floor on the corner of the room so I can have access to the very low subfloor and treat the termites infestation. The house was treated on the day and the customer was happy.

If you are a home owner or a builder, following are also ten important termites control recommendations, preventative steps and precautions that you can simply follow to minimise the risk of termites infestation and damage to your home and property:

  1. If your property is a concrete slab-on-ground-construction, you should leave at least 75mm of slab edge exposed.
  2. Make sure termite caps and strips are not damaged or breached around your property.
  3. Check and repair leaking taps and pipes in subfloors or around your home.
  4. Make sure all air vents (around your property) are clear and open.
  5. Ensure that steel is used wherever possible; for example: for house frames, footings and fencing.
  6. Try to use timber treated for termites wherever possible; for instance: in garden beds or retaining walls. 
  7. Remove climbing plants or bushy gardens around your property. 
  8. Remove dead trees, stumps, stored timber and debris.
  9. Make sure to ask a termite specialist to check the existing termite protection when you do alterations or additions to your house.
  10. Have a thorough termite inspection and control vista by an certified termite technician at least once a year, especially in high risk termite areas like Melbourne and Glen Waverley.

Best Termites Control company have certified termites inspection and treatment technicians and use best standard termite control products, which can help you and protect your property and home against termites.