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Owners: New Homes, Inspection & Treatment

For early detection in your home and garden, it is important to do regular inspections: inspect your property every six months for any obvious signs of infestation.

Melbourne Termite (white ants) Control

BTC termites inspection for owners

Best Termites Control is a Melbourne based termite treatment company. We cover all Melbourne Metro areas like Glen Waverley, Doncaster, Narre Warren, Melton, Frankston, Port Melbourne, Morning peninsula, and all other areas in Melbourne.

We are a company specialised in Pre Construction termite treatment and new home protection, as well as inspection and treatment for existing homes. Our technicians are well equipped with the latest highest quality instruments like Thermal Imaging Cameras and Moisture Meters to help them find termite infestation without physically damaging building structures, diagnose any termite infestation issues, and prepare and submit a comprehensive Termite treatment program, Our treatments are safe for human and pets, all product we use are natural based products approved and certified to be used in homes by the health department.

With our combined long experience in this field, we can assure our customers with the best service and the most competitive prices. Call us now for a free quote or advice, we are ready to answer any inquiry for free.
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