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High-Tech Equipment For Termite Control

Our trained specialist will do a full termite assessment to all accessible areas where existing and/or potential termite infestations may occur. Best Termite Control uses state of the art technology for its inspection process. Termatrac and Thermal Imaging Camera are detection devices that use moisture, thermal and radar sensors to detect the presence of termites in places that are not visible to the human eye.

Termatrac’s Termite Detection Technology

Termatrac’s Termite Detection Technology

Termatrac’s detection technology is unique to the market, designed and specifically calibrated to detect termites and other insect activity. The radar technology confirms movement by penetrating through most building materials to locate and track termite and other insect activity.

We use only today’s latest technology including the latest in battling termite infestation. Best Termites Control will find termites and other pests in your home no matter how well they are hidden. Not only will we find the termites, but on a return inspection after treatment, we show you proof that they’ve gone!

Our high-tech termite detector equipment easily identifies termite risk areas using the “Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide and/or the built-in Moisture Sensor”. It detects, confirms, and tracks the presence of termites, along with locating nests, mud-tunnels, and entry points to ensure a cost-efficient and effective treatment to be applied to only the areas required.

Early detection of termite activity

Whether you own a commercial, residential, or industrial property, our monthly, semiannual and annual inspection programs will ensure that your tenants are working or living in a termite and pest-free environment and are the best protection against termites by providing early detection of termite activity, saving you from serious damages on your property.