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Termites Inspection with thermal imaging camera

Best Termites Control has added a high-quality Thermal Imaging Camera to existing latest tools uses, which helps it find termite infestations in existing or renovated buildings.

FLIR C2 Thermal Imaging Camera is our latest new tool to discover termite activities in concealed walls. You do not need to damage the walls to find out if the termite damage is active or not, the FLIR C2 will help us determined the outcome of the inspection and will give our clients the most accurate and value for money inspection.

A thermal camera sees things that are invisible to the human eye. This gives us big advantages we detect problems long before they would have been seen with the naked eye. In our business, we find thermal imaging is an essential tool in termite detection and termite treatment. Thermal imaging is the most effective tool for pinpointing areas of termites’ infestation and enables us to quickly and cost-effectively scale large buildings and areas that are out of reach of our hands. A high-grade thermal camera shows differences in wall and surfaces temperatures, so we can easily detect the temperatures differences in areas where termites are present. With this amazing technology if there is a termite problem we can accurately direct treatments to ensure the termites are quickly and accurately eliminated using the best products available.

In the old days, we relied on tapping stick and a torch to find termites and chances to find small infestation was low, now with thermal imaging we are able to find termites much earlier before serious damage has occurred. If we suspect a problem during a visual inspection we can quickly confirm the results with thermal imaging.

Camera Features and technical details:

The C2 from FLIR is a groundbreaking thermal imaging camera, the C2 is a full-featured thermal imaging camera, designed for termite inspections. With a capacitive touchscreen, and a menu interface, the FLIR C2 can capture and store both infrared and visual images and works with FLIR Tools software, enabling the thermographer to download and analyse the images, before generating a report, which can be customised and sent to the client.

The C2 also has FLIR's proprietary MSX image enhancement technology built-in which takes the detail from the visual image and blends the edge contours into the infrared image, enhancing the overall image quality, and bringing out details not usually seen in infrared images.

With a 3" colour LCD touchscreen display, the FLIR C2 features automatic orientation, which allows the image to be the "right way up" depending on whether the device is held in landscape or portrait orientation. Around 500 image sets can be stored in the FLIR C2 memory, and then later downloaded to a Windows or Mac computer running the FLIR Tools software through the supplied USB cable.


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