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Termite expert expects record-breaking year

Termite Inspection Melbourne

This promises to be a record-breaking year for termites, according to an LSU Ag Center termite specialist. Gregg Henderson, urban entomology and termite specialist, said he documented 1,700 termites in one light trap on May 11 -- the most he has ever seen in his nearly 30 years of tracking termites. 

“No matter the area, the populations are growing”, he said. “The good news is there are good products that can kill them that we didn’t have in the past.” 

Termite Infestation Inspection and Treatment in Doncaster

Termite Infestation Doncaster

A customer called Best Termites Control through 1800 780 820 number in regards to termite infestation to his house in Doncaster area, the job was booked and a full inspection was done on the day.

With the support of our Tamarac instrument we were able to confirm a termites infestation/ damage and active termite in the corner on the family room (as you can see in images)

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Termites Video and Image Galleries

A new section has been added to the website for image gallery containing images for our services including termites inspection, termite treatment, termite protection for builders and home owners, and pre-construction termite control. You can access the image gallery from the following link:

Termites Control Image Gallery

Termite Infestation

Best Termites Control Technicians have been to an existing home in Warrandyte and after a full termite inspection to the property, were able to detect active termite infestation (See Video below). A toilet and shower in the extension started showing some signs of damaged door frames and soft surface of the walls and timber skirtings.

Termite Damage! Identifying and Treating a Termite Problem

Identifying and Treating a Termite Problem

It is estimated one in five homes in Australia is treated for termite damage at some stage of its life and it means around 130,000 buildings each year. There are approx. 350 species of termites in Australia; fortunately only about 20 species can damage timber in houses. Another name commonly used in Australia is ‘white ants’ because of their creamy colouring and ant-like appearance.

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