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Termite Treatment and Infestation

Best Termites Control Technicians have been to an existing home in Warrandyte and after a full termite inspection of the property, we're able to detect active termite infestation (See Video below). A toilet and shower in the extension started showing some signs of damaged door frames and soft surfaces of the walls and timber skirtings. Best Termites Control Technicians have explained to the owner of the house in detail that we strongly recommend an urgent termite treatment to the infested section and to the whole property to prevent termite infestation from spreading further. A quotation was submitted on the day and was accepted on the spot and treatment went ahead immediately.

Best Termites Control technicians were able to access the subfloor, they have decided to treat the property with TERMIDOR none repellent chemical treatment. The TERMIDOR  is a very well-known Termiticide that is very effective for active infestation.

The job was done in a very professional manner, part of the quote was to do an inspection in a month time and in 6 months time, in order to double-check that the treatment went well and 100%. Best Termites Control technicians have recommended to the owner as well to do a yearly inspection from now on, a quote was presented to the owner which was accepted on the day for a 3 years yearly inspection contract, be carried out by our accredited technicians.

The owner of the property was happy with the prompt termite inspection and treatment service done by  Best Termites Control and confirmed that he will recommend us to her neighbours.

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