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Termite Inspection & Treatment

Quality inspection and treatment to homes and existing buildings

Termites are a worry to every homeowner. The thought of something undermining the integrity of the place we call home is a frightening prospect!

Best Termites Control offer thorough termite inspections and termite treatments where damage or activity has been found.

Residential Termite Inspections

BTC Preconstruction Termites Control Solutions

Termites often go undetected until serious damage is done. Best Termites Control uses the latest technology of thermal imaging to aid in the detection of termite activity and infestation. This enables our technicians to detect termite activity concealed by wall linings, floors, ceiling plaster etc, without the need for physical penetration and damage.

Our qualified inspector will conduct a thorough inspection of your home both inside and outside your property checking and testing for any signs of activity and or damage as well as wood rot, excess moisture and water leaks or any other situation that is conducive to termites.

Once completed, a detailed report will be issued outlining what was found and if required, recommend the most effective treatment method, customized to meet your home’s specific needs.

The details of a suitable treatment will be sent explaining the process in detail.


High Tech Equipment For Inspections


Best Termites Control uses the latest technologies, the most advanced tools and best available products for the termite inspection, termite treatment, and termite protection in Melbourne.

Our new high-tech tools provide more professional, more accurate and faster detection of termites. The Termatrac termite inspection solution combines the three critical technologies in order to detect, locate and confirm the presence of termites more efficiently.

The high-quality Thermal Imaging Camera helps to discover termite activities in concealed walls. You do not need to damage the walls to find out if the termite damage is active or not, the FLIR C2 will help us determined the outcome of the termite inspection and will give our clients the most accurate and value for money inspection.

Thermal imaging is the most effective tool for pinpointing areas of termites’ infestation and enables us to quickly and cost-effectively scale large buildings and areas that are out of reach of our hands. A high-grade thermal camera shows differences in wall and surfaces temperatures, so we can easily detect the temperatures differences in areas where termites are present.