Termite infestation

Termite expert expects record-breaking year

Termite Inspection Melbourne

This promises to be a record-breaking year for termites, according to an LSU Ag Center termite specialist. Gregg Henderson, urban entomology and termite specialist, said he documented 1,700 termites in one light trap on May 11 -- the most he has ever seen in his nearly 30 years of tracking termites. 

“No matter the area, the populations are growing”, he said. “The good news is there are good products that can kill them that we didn’t have in the past.” 

Flying Termites

Flying Termite

Flying Termites Means serious trouble:

  • You may already have an existing termite problem and/or a termite Nest
  • Your home may be at risk of potential termite infestation

So you have to act immediately and call Best Termites Control for Full Inspection.

Termites Control Process

Signs of Termites

Protecting homes from pests and specially termites has been our mission for a long time, If you think termites might be in your home or to make sure they never get the chance call Best Termites Control today for complete pest and termite inspection.

We provide our termite control services throughout Melbourne’s suburbs, and are known as the trusted specialist for effective removals.

How stop termites before they get started

Types of Termites in Melbourne

Stopping these invaders starts with understanding about them and what they’re looking for.
When it comes to eating, a termite is looking for anything that contains cellulose. Most often, that’s wood, but paper, cardboard, carpet and even cloth might draw its attention. They also need a source for moisture to help prevent their bodies and even their colony from dying out.

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