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Floor Termite Damage in Melbourne

A builder discovered floor termite damage and termite activity. After a full inspection by the Best Termites Control technician, a full treatment to the building was recommended and quoted.

The customer accepted the termite treatment quote, and the termite treatment service booked in for this Thursday to be done by a professional termite treatment technician from the Best Termites Control team.

It is very important to act immediately once termite activity is discovered at your property. The moment termite activity is disturbed, termite infestations spread to many other locations in the timber framing. So, you need to inform a professional termite inspection and treatment company to control the termites’ activities and protect your property from future termite damages.

While termites typically prefer to target softwood floor support structures like floor joists and subfloors, they’re also known to cause damage to hardwood sections of the house — hardwood floors included.

Termite damage can progress slowly but surely over a few years. Neglecting to treat it right away may cost you more than having it fixed today. There are several chemical and non-chemical solutions that you can use to get rid of these voracious pests once they invade your home. If you suspect any termite infestation, it is best to call the pros right away.

For quick inspection and full report, please call Best Termites Control on 1800 780 820 or send your request through our online termite inspection and treatment enquiry form (click here) and receive termite service discount.

For more details about Termite Inspection & Treatment in Melbourne, please check this page.

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