Termite Treatment

Termite Treatment and Inject Termidor in Lower Templestowe

Termite Treatment by Termidor Injection in Melbourne Templestowe

Termite Treatment by Drill and Inject Termidor to the Concrete Slab in Lower Templestowe

Drill and Inject of the Chemical is a prevention and corrective treatment. This treatment is carried out when the soil around the building is covered by the concrete layer such as driveway. We have recently treated this method at an existing house in Lower Templestowe, our team drilled and injected the chemical Termidor to create a termicidal barrier around the perimeter of the building. This termicidal barrier will act as a protective shield against termite intrusion.

Termites Control Process

Signs of Termites

Protecting homes from pests and specially termites has been our mission for a long time, If you think termites might be in your home or to make sure they never get the chance call Best Termites Control today for complete pest and termite inspection.

We provide our termite control services throughout Melbourne’s suburbs, and are known as the trusted specialist for effective removals.

Part B soil treatment to building Perimeter

Project is a Petrol Station and Supermarket, Derrimut ,Victoria.

This Video is showing how Part B treatment to Building Perimeter is done by Best Termites Control.

Job is to be done after complete clean-up is done, scaffolding is removed, all down pipes are connected, water gas and electrical connections are all done and no more digging around the property is required. At the same time crush rocked soil is levelled around the building.

Termites Chemical Spray

Termites Chemical Spray is a common type of termite treatment involves a "trench and treat" where a liquid insecticide (termiticide) is applied to the soil surrounding critical areas of buildings (homes or commercial premises). The most critical area needing termite chemical treatment are the foundation walls. For houses with crawlspaces, the soil along the interior foundation walls and supports must be treated also to prevent termites activity.

Termite treatment to an extension

House Termite Treatment

We received a call inquiry at our office , a lady is looking for Termite treatment to an extension so she can get the council’s occupancy permit , After site inspection for termites we found that the site has not been treated before concreting the slab. A quote was given to the customer and was accepted on the day. The job was booked and on the day was carried out as follow:

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