Termite treatment to an extension

House Termite Treatment

We received a call inquiry at our office , a lady is looking for Termite treatment to an extension so she can get the council’s occupancy permit , After site inspection for termites we found that the site has not been treated before concreting the slab. A quote was given to the customer and was accepted on the day. The job was booked and on the day was carried out as follow:

To be able to treat under slab we have had to use drill and inject method which allows us to inject the chemical under slab to reach the soil and create a barrier to prevent termites in any time in future to inter the building.

The drilling was every 200 mm along the internal walls with 12 mm drill bit to allow our injector to reach under slab. The job was done and completed on the day and a certificates and Meter box sticker were issued and given to customer.

Customer was very happy with our series and confirmed that she will recommend Best Termites Control company to others.