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Termite Damage! Identifying and Treating a Termite Problem

By Admin
on 25 Sep 2013 6:28 AM

It is estimated one in five homes in Australia is treated for termite damage at some stage of its life and it means around 130,000 buildings each year. There are approx. 350 species of termites in Australia; fortunately only about 20 species can damage timber in houses. Another name commonly used in Australia is ‘white ants’ because of their creamy colouring and ant-like appearance.

Not just timber houses are at risk, but also brick and steel-framed ones. Apart from eating away structural timbers (frames, walls, roof or floor) and making the home unsafe, termites are also known to chomp their way through furniture, paper products, fabrics, clothing, footwear, and even non-cellulose materials such as soft plastics, building sealants and rigid foam insulation.

Much of the damage they inflict can result in considerable repair costs. Regular and thorough termite inspections are necessary to detect the early signs of termite infestation. It is recommended that you have a thorough termites inspection at least once a year, more often in areas with high termite risk. Large tropical and subtropical areas in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland, plus an area around Perth, are rated “Very High”, and Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and other areas except Tasmania have areas of “High” termite risk.

The best termite prevention is protection. Pre-treating when building a home, termite baiting and monitoring programs, conventional termite treatments and regular inspections go a long way to help reduce the risk of getting termites. Regular inspections by an experienced termite control company can regularly evaluate your home, your property and recommend customised termite solutions for your situation.

Termite Infestations Signs

It is always important to first assess the current condition of your property:

If you have an existing termites problem, Best Termites Control provides professional, fast and effective services and can take swift and definitive action to eradicate it. Just as importantly, Best Termites Control Melbourne offers prevention consultations of home termites protection in Melbourne.

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