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Pre-Construction Termite Protection Service in Seaford

Best Termites Control is specialized in new buildings’ termite protection systems. At a Site in Seaford, we have treated the double block walls on the boundary line, by using HomeGuard Blue Sheets.

HomeGuard is installed during your home’s construction and sealed permanently to the foundations of the building, eg. under/in slab and in the perimeter wall cavity. New buildings are most suited for installation of HomeGuard, however, existing buildings and structures can also benefit. HomeGuard can be installed in areas where other forms of defence cannot be used due to environmental or construction problems.

We have glued the sheets with Termiflex products made by the same manufacturer. The idea is to seal the entry point between the blocks and not allow termites from reaching the timber. Best Termites Control does Chemical or Physical barriers for pre-construction termite protection in Melbourne.

Best Termites Control always endeavours to submit the best and efficient termite protection systems to suit the clients’ budgets. Best Termites Control is qualified to install both physical and chemical barriers including HomeGuard Blue termite protection for constructions.

Call now on 1800 780 820 or submit your details via the online contact form here for more details about termite protection and treatment services in Melbourne.


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