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TermStop Reticulation System Termites Protection in Melbourne

Term Stop Reticulation System for Termites Protection in Melbourne

By Admin
on 24 Jul 2017 12:26 PM

A termite reticulation system is a series of underground piping which is positioned around a home. Its purpose is to provide a continuous form of protection against termites. It can be replenished repeatedly with a termiticide – via specialised equipment and pumps. This system helps to protect against invasion by termites that would otherwise enter from the outside of your home.

Term Stop is the Reticulation system we offer to our customers. With the changes in the Australian Standards, the reticulation System is an acceptable Part A and Part B treatment to Subfloor and slab. Attached are photos showing 6 Units of the Project in Doncaster East in Melbourne and how we installed the reticulation system in the garden area.

We use Term Stop termite reticulation systems because of their extreme durability and longevity and the fact that in combination with a powerful, long-lasting liquid anti-termite treatment affords extremely robust protection for a new building and giving that building a very effective termite shield.

A termite reticulation system offers a replenishable liquid termite barrier (or termite shield) under the foundation slab of new construction by utilizing a network of extremely robust underground pipes. A liquid termiticide is injected into the pipe network and is infused into the surrounding soil which becomes saturated with the liquid and creates a permanent anti-termite treatment that gives year-round protection for the construction against termite attacks.

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