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Termite Protection for new Homes

Last week one of my regular customer's builders called me and asked me for urgent help, he was not able to get an occupancy permit for the 2 Units he built and completed in Dromana, Victoria. He was not informed by the surveyor that it requires termite protection so he did not do it during construction. The construction is completed now and ready to hand over to the landlord.

I visited the site quoted and on the spot, he accepted the quotation, booked and done. In this case, we had to drill and inject around the 2 Units since it has been concreted all around. The job was very time consuming and hard, especially by drilling 160 drill holes. The job took 8 hours of hard work for 2 persons to be completed. And cost the builder 3 times the normal price if he would have done it during the construction stages.

Accordingly to all Builders and homeowners, please double-check through your surveyor and/or the council. If the new home you are building is in a termites zone and treatment is a requirement. So that termite treatment is done the easy and cost-effective way which is during the construction stages.

And to do that: Call us (Melbourne's Best Termites Control) on 1800 780 820 for a free quote for termites protection and control services for new homes or existing homes.

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