Pre-Construction Termite Control

Termite Treatment by Reticulation System to a house in Bulleen

Termite Treatment by Reticulation System to a house in Bulleen
Termite Protection Reticulation System

We have recently treated a termite protection to a house in Bulleen by installing the Reticulation System. Reticulation is a system designed to distribute termiticides around the base of buildings to form a termite barrier in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3660.1-2014 (for more details see the Termites Protection for New Buildings).

Termite Protection to Construction Joint

Termite Protection to Construction Joint

Some slabs are concreted in 2 stages. Some termite protection specialists sometimes either ignore or forget about how important and high-risk area for termite infestation it can be. Construction Joint can be treated with a physical barrier as seen in the photo and before any timber framing is installed.

Best Termites Control provides pre-construction physical or chemical termites protection solutions in Melbourne.

Homeguard Blue Sheets Termite Protection Service

Physical Termites Protection
HomeGuard Blue Sheets

The following images shows the termite protection service provided by Best Termites Control in Melbourne by using Home Guard Blue Sheets.

Home Guard Blue sheets solution is a perfect subfloor termite protection barrier system complies with the Australian Standards 3660.1.

Part A Termite Treatment for new homes and buildings

  Part A chemical termites treatment

The following picture shows the Part A chemical termites treatment to a new building. The Part A Termites Treatment are applied to new and renovated sub-floor areas before floorboards are installed.

In Part A of termites protection and treatment, termite barriers installed during construction and will be applied as a barrier before the slab has been poured or in “pre-slab” phase of construction.


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