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Pre-Construction Termite Control

  • Termite Treatment by Reticulation System to a house in Bulleen
  • We have recently treated a termite protection to a house in Bulleen by installing the Reticulation System. Reticulation is a system designed to distribute termiticides around the base of buildings to form a termite barrier in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3660.1-2014 (for more details see the Termites Protection for New Buildings).
  • The following picture shows the Part A chemical termites treatment to a new building. The Part A Termites Treatment are applied to new and renovated sub-floor areas before floorboards are installed. In Part A of termites protection and treatment, termite barriers installed during construction and will be applied as a barrier before the slab has been poured or in the “pre-slab” phase of construction.
  • Last week one of my regular customer's builders called me and asked me for urgent help, he was not able to get an occupancy permit for the 2 Units he built and completed in Dromana, Victoria. He was not informed by the surveyor that it requires termite protection so he did not do it during construction. The construction is completed now and ready to hand over to the landlord.
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