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Termite Protection to Construction Joint

Some slabs are concreted in 2 stages. Some termite protection specialists sometimes either ignore or forget about how important and high-risk areas for termite infestation it can be. Construction Joint can be treated with a physical barrier as seen in the photo and before any timber framing is installed.

In designing a termite protection system for a building, it is necessary to select appropriate products to integrate with the construction features of the building thus, creating an integrated termite barrier system that prevents concealed termite entry into the building.

Protecting new homes and extensions from termites requires the termite management products to work in a seamless design with the construction elements to eliminate potential entry points such as joints in concrete slabs or brickwork and around penetration points where utilities enter buildings.

The modern version of white ants capping is termite membranes, which are thick, flexible polymer sheeting, containing a long-lasting insecticide. Being impregnated with insecticide, these membranes provide both a physical and chemical termite barrier, making this method of pre-construction protection safe, affordable and very effective.

Best Termites Control provides pre-construction physical or chemical termites protection solutions in Melbourne.

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