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Part B chemical Biflex Aquamax

Part B chemical Biflex Aquamax is being applied to the perimeter of the building before concreting.

In Part B of termites protection and treatment, additional chemical and/or physical products will be used around the perimeter of the house at varying stages during the building process.

Biflex AquaMax is the first-ever Professional Strength, multi-insecticide and termiticide. Effective on a wide range of common household pests and all termite species. Biflex AquaMax is ideal for internal and external use in all domestic, commercial, public and industrial buildings and structures.

It is ideal for long term pre and post-construction treatments as well as for nest eradication and the protection of poles and fence posts. It is also registered for the control of a wide range of general household pests

This product is designed to create effective termite barriers around the home and other nearby structures. It is often applied to termite-prone areas such as building foundations, chimney areas, the slab perimeter, crawl spaces and other openings such as ducts and pipes, and also nearby trees and stumps. This helps stop the existing infestation and to discourage the termites from returning.

In addition to helping stop termite infestations in their tracks, Bi-Flex continues to do so for extended periods, meaning that not only are termite colonies wiped out, but they’re discouraged from returning.

This job is done by Best Termites ControlFor more information about Pre-Construction termites protection and treatment, please click here. Best Termites Control company provides professional termites protection and treatment jobs (e.g. Part A and Part B termites treatments) for new constructions and buildings (residential and commercial) in Melbourne and all suburbs including Dandenong, Doncaster, Glen Waverley and Rowville. If you need more details or want a termite treatment cost estimate and quote, please contact us here or call free on 1800 780 820.

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